I am a flower of the rising sun, floating from the Pacific Ocean to the banks of the Seine, light as the wind following an asymmetrical current.

I put on a much too big man's jacket which nevertheless sticks to my skin and makes me this Yoji woman. This woman pays homage to the Japanese designer who has worked so hard to bring the soul and materials that are so feminine all over the world.

I padded myself, I wrapped myself up, I relaxed in these noble substances of cotton and silk, linen, black and white, poppy flower blooming in the shade of a cherry tree.

I am Yoji and pretty, I am Laurence Bras and free as the air floating above Mount Fuji.

I am in Paris as in Tokyo, amply dressed for this well-lived adventure. Petite, but taller than ever, without being shy. All in nuances, I advance towards you like a dragon, to bewitch you with my disarming smile.

I am Yoji, I am all women Laurence Bras.